Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ provides answers to some basic questions about Unigram. For more information about the underlying Telegram service, check the official Telegram FAQ and the Advanced FAQ.

What is Unigram?

Unigram is an open-source third-party client for Telegram specifically designed for the Windows 10 ecosystem.

How is it different from Telegram?

Unigram is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application, the official Telegram clients for Windows and Windows Mobile are not.

What this means is that Unigram fully embraces the Windows 10 design language and takes full advantage of the unique features and APIs that this platform offers, like Continuum, adaptive design and a seemless experience across all Windows 10 devices.

How much does Unigram cost?

Unigram is free software, both as in free beer and as in free speech.

How old is Unigram?

Development started on May 23, 2016. The alpha version was officially released on the Microsoft Store as a preview on March 27, 2017.

What is the origin of the name Unigram?

Unigram is a contraction between Universal since our app is UWP and Telegram which is the underlying service. Do not confuse it with an n-gram of size 1, often referred as "Unigram".

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Sure, check this out.

When will I have a new build/release?

We release new builds only when it's meaningful, like when a new feature is implemented up to a usable state and some features need more time than others. We don't see much sense in scheduling releases if most of the times it means shipping unfinished software.

In other words, Soon™️.

Why can't I use secret chats?

Secret chats are not available at the moment in Unigram. In the current state of development of Unigram, user content is not locally stored on the device and since secret chats are not stored in the cloud, there is no way of having this type of conversation. This feature will arrive eventually.

I am a developer, can I help?

Yes, check out our repos and take a look at open issues that are a good fit for your skill level and interest. We strongly advise you to also join our Unigram Insiders Group and let us know on what you will be working on.

I'm not a developer, can I help?

Yes, join our Unigram Insiders Group and let us know about your ideas and bugs you found.